January 20, 2021

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Nino Correa: "Overconfidence kills" | government

After the mobilization of Emergency Management personnel to carry out the rescue of two young people in the Toro Negro river in Ciales, the acting commissioner of the Bureau for Emergency Management and Disaster Administration, Nino Correa, assured that the "excess trust kills ".

"This is called overconfidence and overconfidence kills. Overconfidence is what makes you not think about that aspect of security that you should keep in mind and even more when we talk about children involved, when we talk that there are elderly people, when we talk about youth, "Correa told EL VOCERO .

At first it was believed that the two people trapped in the Toro Negro river were father and son, but the mayor of Ciales, Luis Maldonado, clarified to EL VOCERO that they were a young man of 19 years and another of 17 years.

This has been the most dangerous rescue that the authorities have carried out as a result of the passage of storm Laura on the Island.

Call not to lower your guard

Despite the fact that already In the afternoon, many municipalities had stopped feeling the direct effects of the tropical storm, Correa insisted that you cannot lower your guard at this time.

"You cannot let your guard down. We have to keep up and that is what we did. According to the reaction we have had, it has been much faster because we are preparing for this season that we must remind the entire community that this season ends on November 30, we do not know by then how many systems we could find, "he said.

He also explained that there are rivers that can take a full day to return to their normal level, so it is important not to lower their guard and he urged citizens to find a safe place if they live in a flood zone.

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