May 15, 2021

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Nino Correa speaks about missing woman in Rincón | government

The interim commissioner of the Bureau of Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (Nmead), Nino Correa, assured that they are still searching for a woman who was allegedly dragged by the rise of a ravine in the Calvache neighborhood in Rincón.

"We are still in the process of looking for this person. It is unfortunate. The vehicle was recovered, but this person is not yet listed. The boys are working hand in hand with this, but it is important to re-emphasize that it was requested that people would leave these floodable areas in time, and thus be able to attend to other types of situations, "he said.

Police reports suggest that authorities located the car in which the female was allegedly found, but that it was not inside. "I have to tell you that in the case of Rincón, based on the situations there and the sea, it is still uphill to identify that a person we are going to look for alive," he said.

He explained that the place where the vehicle was found is two miles from the mouth of the sea, which in his opinion "creates an additional situation" to carry out the rescue. However, Correa emphasized that in searches of this nature, the authorities always assume that the person can be found alive.

"For one to identify that a person has died, I have always believed that you should face him and then you certify a In the meantime, it is important for you to stay in that dynamic that we are looking for a person with life who needs someone to come and be able to help them, he pointed out. the Island.

"They even sent us videos of vehicles floating by people who tried to cross in the areas. You and I know the number of times we have mentioned that this is not done and it is sad because even the person who sent the videos in a certain way is expressing what these people are doing, "he said.

The official was concerned by state and municipal emergency personnel who are still exposed trying to resolve the incidents.

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