February 24, 2021

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NMEAD Commissioner Regrets Tourists Challenge Maritime Conditions Despite Warnings

With the most recent fatality, in a span of three weeks, Correa noted some seven fatalities have been recorded

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San Juan – The acting commissioner of the Bureau of Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (NMEAD), Nino Correa, said on Friday that tourists in Puerto Rico continue to challenge the conditions of the coasts, regardless of the announcements about the weather conditions.

Sad in itself. As much as we have tried to take the message of no one to the water due to a bad weather that had been announced two weeks ago, we are already going through the seventh situation where behind the Vanderbilt Hotel, practically very close to La Concha where we recovered the body of this Another young man a day ago, at 2:30 (in the afternoon) they called us where two tourists from New York unfortunately also were washed away by the water, one of them died, the boys of the Puerto Rico Police who were nearby managed to recovering them, a totally dangerous place and more because of the conditions that were mentioned ”, described Correa in a radio interview. (NotiUno 630)

“We no longer have a way of how to keep mentioning the same thing so that people know that there are potential dangers on our coasts and the importance of not having entered the water and people continue to challenge the conditions of our coasts and the majority have been tourists. It’s very sad, ”she added.

With the most recent fatality, in a span of three weeks, Correa noted some seven fatalities have been recorded.

“These are areas that are not marked as spas. Yes the hotels, I can tell you that they comply with the majority, with the flags where they report dangerous weather conditions, but anyway people challenge that situation. Our coasts are not the same as anywhere else in the United States where you can have hangovers, even in spas, ”he mentioned.

The most recent case was reported by the Police where agents, attached to the Maritime Unit of the United Forces Bureau of Rapid Action (FURA), assisted two women on Thursday, who were swept away by the strong sea currents, at 2:30 in the afternoon at the back of the Vanderbilt County Hotel.

According to the police report, the women are tourists from the state of New York, both were transported to the Presbyterian Hospital, one of them in a condition of care.

Later she died while being treated by the doctor on duty, who certified her death.

Correa Filomeno described that the waters from Puerto Nuevo beach in Vega Baja to Añasco are dangerous.

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