May 14, 2021

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No basis for disciplinary action | government

After citing the regulations of the New Progressive Party (PNP), the secretary general of the community, Rafael “June” Rivera, made it clear yesterday that there are insufficient grounds to take any action against Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced and Senator Evelyn Vázquez, after the appointment of an independent special prosecutor (FEI) for alleged improper intervention in the distribution of supplies to those affected by the earthquakes of last January.

The statements come hours after the Panel on the Independent Special Prosecutor (PFEI) will determine to carry out a thorough investigation in the case that involves the governor, senator Vázquez, and other officials and former officials.

“Our regulations (Article 87, Inability to be a candidate) are clear and with the information that up to now we do not have sufficient grounds to take disciplinary or other actions. Nor have we received complaints in our party against the governor or the senator. However, there are adequate mechanisms to attend, someone present some, "said Rivera.

The representative also said that the regulation provides the reasons why a PNP candidate can be disqualified, beginning with not meeting the requirements of the Constitution of Puerto Rico, the federal Constitution, the Electoral Code, the regulations of the party and of all those that are adopted for the general, primary, or special elections, as well as the regulations for the evaluation of candidates.

The others causes are having been convicted of a serious or less serious crime involving moral depravity or dishonesty; having been disqualified by a court from holding public office; who is engaged in any activity against the law, morals or public order, and who does not comply with or abide by the Party's Declaration of Purposes, resolutions, agreements or decisions.

Furthermore, there is a prohibition on a candidate – being affiliated to the PNP – promote or have promoted candidacies of other parties or independents in the last general, special or primary election prior to their presentation for an elective position.

“There are many reasons why we can disable a PNP candidate for an elective position. However, at this time none of the causes is present in the cases of the governor and the senator. We trust that truth and justice will prevail, "Rivera said.

The call was joined by the president of the PNP, Thomas Rivera Schatz, to reveal what the allegations against the president – and candidate for reelection – consist of. and Senator Vázquez. The PFEI revealed yesterday, in a press release, that the governor and other officials may have committed violations of the Government Ethics Law, the Anti-Corruption Code and the Criminal Code.

Pierluisi reacts

By For his part, the other pre-candidate to govern for the PNP, Pedro Pierluisi, told EL VOCERO that it is an extremely serious situation, since it is an investigation of alleged corruption that has negative repercussions in and outside of Puerto Rico.

"Our people no longer have tolerance for acts of corruption in their government and will carefully evaluate who best represents them to lead Puerto Rico and give it the clean and excellent government it deserves. I respect our law and order institutions and the investigations they carry out. Our people are very attentive to the actions of all those who aspire to serve them, so it is necessary to demonstrate verticality and prudence at all times, "he said.

Meanwhile, the vice president of the Chamber, Lourdes Ramos, welcomed her to the investigation. "I am not afraid, nor is the governor afraid of said referrals," he said. He recalled that the original complaint was filed by the popular spokesman in the Chamber, Rafael “Tatito” Hernández.

Ramos indicated that he prefers that the investigation be carried out. He reiterated that the governor has no fear or anything to hide. "This way they will receive the blow that they have to know that there is no cause to accuse her of any type of crime," he stressed. reelection— Jenniffer González, but as of press time, there was no response.

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