April 17, 2021

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No cause for arrest against mayor of Cataño

The Bayamón Court of First Instance determined no cause for arrest against the mayor of Cataño, Félix 'Cano' Delgado, after being summoned for being present in a police intervention in an alleged clandestine boathouse in the Juana Matos community in his municipality .

The first municipal executive thanked the support received after announcing from his social networks that no cause was found in the two allegations that were made against him.

Delgado clarified that his presence at the place intervened on 13 December July was merely a tour of part of his political campaign ahead of the next elections.

NOW: No cause for arrest against the Mayor of Cataño @FelixDelgadoPR and 14 other people in the event of an illegal boat. Earlier, a case was found against 10 other people in the same case. Tomorrow will be the view of 17 additional people. @TelenoticiasPR pic.twitter.com/lF5qWg46Zt

– Jeremy Ortiz (@JeremyOrtizTV) August 1, 2020

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