June 19, 2021

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No date set to return to face-to-face classes

On the other hand, this Monday the vaccination for teachers began

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Strength – The designated Secretary of Health, Dr. Carlos Mellado said on Monday that there is still no date to reopen schools for face-to-face classes, however, he said that the process must be voluntary.

“We also want to have a specific plan to open schools because if we analyze the COVID situation, we also have to analyze another point, the American Pediatric Association clearly establishes the depression that children are having by not having interaction in schools. We do not have clear and certain statistics on abuse. Teachers identify children’s problems. Teachers become an extremely important tool for the care of our youth and our children. In other words, that is a plan that the government has as public policy and obviously, if you ask when we are going to open the schools, I can’t tell you, ”Mellado said at a press conference.

“We do not have a specific date because we want to say that on that date we have an established plan, which can vary due to all the variants that I have told you, vaccination, statistics and what will happen at that time when we are going to reopen the schools . Number one, it has to be a gradual process, it has to be a voluntary process, parents have to be given the option of having face-to-face classes. If the father does not decide, those are another 20 pesos, “he added.

Regarding the vaccination process, Mellado insisted that the island receives 40,000 vaccines every week. He explained that of the 40 thousand vaccines received weekly, 11 thousand are directed to Walgreens and CVS to administer the vaccines to bedridden patients. Soon, they will be integrated for the vaccination phase of people 65 years of age or older.

“When the vaccination process began in Puerto Rico, there was talk that they could give us 300,000 vaccines. That did not happen because of some ‘issues’ from Pfizer and Moderna. To date, we have had 275 thousand vaccines in Puerto Rico, of which 221 thousand vaccines have been administered, ”said Mellado.

He mentioned that he received a letter from the transition committee of President-elect Joe Biden in which he establishes that the amount of vaccines will be increased for Puerto Rico and the other states and territories. The amount was not mentioned.

On the other hand, this Monday the vaccination for teachers began. Likewise, the designated Secretary of Education, Elba Aponte Santos, called on teachers to get vaccinated.

“Our call is that everyone who can get vaccinated do so. There are some shifts that are being granted, but that they do it when they have the opportunity, “said Aponte Santos.

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