May 15, 2021

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No emergencies are reported at the moment in the north central area

The Command Center of Zone 2 of the Emergency Management and Disaster Administration Bureau, which covers several municipalities in the central and northern areas of the island, kept its personnel on alert as tropical storm Laura advanced to areas of Puerto Rico, but so far, fortunately, no emergency situation had been reported.

As explained by Víctor Sánchez, director of the area, at noon no situation had arisen that required the intervention of authorities or rescuer related to Laura's passage. There were also no refugees in the area, which includes the municipalities of Ciales, Corozal, Florida, Manatí, Orocovis, Morovis, Vega Baja and Vega Alta. However, there were four shelters ready to receive people who might need them, in Ciales (Nueva Urbana school), in Corozal (Julián Marrero school), Morovis (Ángel Quintero school) and Manatí (Juan Sánchez school and Francisco Menéndez school) [19659003] However, the director Sánchez, warned that things could get complicated in the afternoon when the intensity of the rain and the storm's winds are expected to increase.

“The recommendation is to people who live in flooded areas, near bodies of water, take measurements and move to slightly higher places. And keep calm ", said Sánchez.

Similarly, he asked people" not to be novelists "and avoid getting into dangerous situations.

" Sometimes we go through a body of water, understood as a bridge, and we see the river well, but when we return the body of water has grown and can cause misfortune. We are going to take all the security measures, "he warned.

Sánchez urged the people of the area that includes those eight municipalities to contact the Nmead area at 787-965-7770 in the event of any emergency, “So that the situation is addressed. We are activated 24 hours a day).

Before, in a tour of Dorado, neither emergency situations nor refugees were reported in that municipality.

Only downpours were being reported in the area, which were sporadically a little stronger for short periods. The wind hadn't whipped too hard either. In fact, some people, ignoring calls not to expose themselves to dangerous situations, were on some beaches surfing.

However, as the director of zone 2 warned, the situation could get worse in the next few hours when it is expected that the center of the system continues to move west very close to Puerto Rico.

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