April 16, 2021

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Nydia Velázquez calls for action over xenophobic remarks against Bhatia | PRESENT

Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to take action on racist and xenophobic expressions carried out in the La Comay program against the candidate for governorship by the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Eduardo Bhatia and his family.

“I request that your agency review the practices employed by this television program. Such vile rhetoric must be addressed head-on, to guarantee the well-being of the residents of Puerto Rico and protect the most vulnerable and traditionally marginalized residents of the Island, "reads Velázquez's letter to FCC President Ajit Pai.

The letter of the congresswoman of Puerto Rican origin is given in response to comments made by Kobbo Santarrosa, through his character La Comay, against Bhatia for being born in El Salvador. In the program, he said that "Puerto Rico has to be governed by a Puerto Rican or a Puerto Rican."

He also said that there can be no first lady of Panama, in reference to the wife of the popular senator, Isabel Fernández, who is Panamanian.

The popular senator indicated in late July that he would file a complaint with the FCC over Santarrosa's comments.

In the letter to the FCC president, Velázquez maintained that Santarrosa's comments "are a direct attack on the immigrant community throughout the Island and in the United States."

"For a television character to imply or suggest that Senator Bhatia is not worthy of the most High on the island simply because of his Central American origins or those of his wife, he is xenophobic and irresponsible, "added the congresswoman.

" Differences in political opinions are not an excuse for inappropriate or offensive comments against individuals, based solely on their place of birth. These actions are not representative of our American values, "he pointed out.

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