August 4, 2021

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Ombudsman demands excellent treatment for citizens in public agencies

The Ombudsman of Puerto Rico, Edwin García Feliciano, said today that the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 They are not an excuse for the citizen not to receive the service he deserves from his government, so he urged citizens to go to his office if they have any legitimate claim about services in public agencies.

García Feliciano pointed out that, although many of the transactions are carried out virtually or remotely, citizens retain the right to receive an agile, respectful service that responds to their needs.

“I am concerned that remote work is not properly conducted so that citizens receive the services they deserve. We have to protect ourselves, but that cannot happen at the expense of affecting the service to the citizen, which is everyone’s responsibility, ”he said in written statements.

In that sense, García Feliciano stressed that citizens must be certain that they have the same rights that their complaints are addressed in a prudent and reasonable time, that they offer a solution to them or the corresponding course of action according to the merits raised, as well as demanding a review of your case.

“COVID has altered the processes, but not the rights of citizens. Their claims must and will be dealt with following the rules and procedures established in the current regulations, which, at all times, assist citizens to claim and uphold their rights, ”he said.

The attorney mentioned that his office remains attentive to responding to the claims of subscribers or consumers of public services, but it is up to the public to access the services of the attorney’s office if they understand that an agency has not resolved their complaint.

“I am concerned about the number of people who have not yet received the $ 1,200 of the COVID stimulus, the parents and guardians who juggle to work and care for their minor children while they study or need someone to take care of them. Also, that there is no clear picture of the people, usually women and children, who have been reported missing as missing, as well as the appropriate public policy to address the matter. And although when I acknowledge the progress made by the Department of Labor, I am concerned that there are still people who have not received payment from the PUA, ”said García Feliciano.

“We continue working intensely solving citizen complaints. Our regional offices can be contacted by just calling the phone. 787-724-7373, where one of our researchers will assist you ”, he added.

He also reported that through the email address [email protected] A complaint about services not received, claims or disagreement with the solution offered by the agency can be initiated, which will be examined and processed for a final solution to the case raised.

“We are available to help, so we urge citizens not to hesitate to contact us if they understand that they have not received fair attention to their claims,” ​​said García Feliciano.

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