April 14, 2021

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Ombudsman for Persons with Disabilities is vigilant so that the JIP’s comply with special lines for said population

“People who are still in line when the office closes should be given a turn to come another day. It is important that citizens know this detail, “added the interim defender.

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San Juan – Given the large number of public that are expected to attend the Permanent Registration Boards (JIP) this Monday to carry out transactions such as registrations and transfers, among other steps, Gabriel Corchado Méndez, interim defender of the agency, reported that his staff is from early in the morning visiting several JIPs throughout the Island, to ensure compliance with the special lines for said population.

“As we know, the electoral registry closes today (Monday), and the State Elections Commission (CEE) expects an avalanche of people in the Permanent Registration Boards (JIP) to carry out electoral transactions. We have had great cooperation from the electoral commissioners and the JIP staff. However, we detected certain limitations during the two days of the last primaries and we want to make sure that people with disabilities are met, ”said Corchado Méndez in written statements.

The CEE extended the working hours of the JIPs, which will work today from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm “People who are still in line at the time of the closing of the office should be assigned a shift to come another day. It is important that citizens know this detail, “added the interim defender.

For his part, the coordinator of the Program for the Protection and Defense of the Rights of Voters with Disabilities, (PAVA for its acronym in English) Gabriel Esterrich Lombay, reported that the purpose of the monitoring is to verify the accessibility of the Permanent Registration Board and compliance with Law 297 of 2018 known as the Uniform Law on Express Rows and Assignment of Priority Shifts, which stipulates that priority shifts be granted to people:

1. Over 60 years old
2. People with disabilities (physical or sensory)
3. Pregnant

“According to a memorandum agreed by our Program with the past president on June 29, 2020, citizens who request priority shifts must show evidence to be granted this. The officials of the JIPs should insert them among the citizens who are in turn, ”added Esterrich.

To verify which JIP corresponds to each voter, they can send their zip code to 787-338-1616. The JIPs will be open in the JIP Island mode.

This means that you can go to any of them no matter where you live. All the JIPs will be working today until 9:00 at night. “However, all those voters over 60 years of age now have until September 24, 2020, to request an Early Vote. This is solely and exclusively for voters over 60 years old, ”the official explained.

You can visit the page vote2020.com to download the application or find it at the nearest Permanent Enrollment Board.

How to submit the completed application:

• It can be delivered by anyone at the JIP of your Precinct.
• You can send it by mail to: PO BOX 192359, San Juan, PR 00919
• You can send it by email to: [email protected]

Any questions can be communicated at 787-777-8682, extensions 4018, 4106, 4100, 2352 and 2552.

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