February 27, 2021

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Ombudsman for Women defends the work of the agency she directs

“In Puerto Rico they do not invest in our women,” denounced Lersy Boria

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San Juan – The attorney of the Office of the Procurator for Women (OPM), Lersy Boria Vizcarrondo, defended this Thursday the work that this agency does and assured that the initiatives they carry out are publicly disclosed, even if they are not reported in the media.

“As for the Office of the Prosecutor and this specific servant, I have brought a claim, that no one looks at the Office of the Prosecutor for what is being done. Much is said, but speaking we cannot eradicate violence, ”said Boria Vizcarrondo in an interview on Thursday morning with Julio Rivera Saniel, on Pegaos en la Mañana on Radio Isla.

“No one says that we are going to the prisons to give them trays that were rotten so that they (the confined women) eat with dignity. No one notes that the Attorney General’s Office takes funds to the Police, prosecutors and judges to train them in the protocols of how to work with a victim ”of violence, added Boria Vizcarrondo.

The Ombudsman for Women claimed that “to this day, no one has given our office a dollar. So it is that since 2018, that I am and since long before we have reviewed it many times. In Puerto Rico, our women are not invested and we are alarmed when an act of femicide occurs, when that is the last and most macabre act that can be committed against a woman.

Boria Vizcarrondo said last Monday that both the proposed legislation and the state of emergency that La Fortaleza approves and declares must include funds for its implementation.

“Since I have been in the attorney general’s chair, I have seen how candidates for political positions address the issue of gender violence for the sole purpose of their particular interests and partisan politics. This is a human rights issue. The problem of gender violence is being minimized and there are very few of us who wake up day by day with the faithful commitment to eradicate it, ”said the Attorney General.

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