May 10, 2021

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Ombudsman trusts that Puerto Rican solidarity will be the most effective weapon to combat COVID-19

Faced with the reopening of all commercial and government sectors, the Puerto Rico Ombudsman, Edwin Garcia Feliciano, demanded that social pressure be the one that educates citizens about the importance of attending to social distancing and health measures to contain the contagion of Covid-19.

“It is a new way of measuring solidarity. If advice, a precautionary alert and even a warning can create the environment to save lives, it is up to each of us to assume our role in defense of Puerto Rico, ”the official exhorted.

García Feliciano said that each citizen has the responsibility to educate with their personal behavior, advice and alert calls to their family member, co-worker and neighbor, that wearing a mask, constantly washing their hands and keeping six feet away, does save lives.

“This is a process that requires maturity from everyone. It depends on each one of us that we do not have to return to extreme measures of lockdown, lockdown and curfew. It is in our citizens’ hands to promote compliance with the rules that protect our personal and collective life, ”he said.

Although the Ombudsman recognized that the government must use all the mechanisms at its disposal to save lives and protect citizens from greater evils, he insisted that affirmative citizen action can sustain a difference in positive results.

In this sense, García Feliciano stressed that each citizen must be the custodian of compliance with the standards set to lower the contagion curve and preserve lives, being proactive in constantly reminding each person that health guidelines must be followed.

“It is a call to protect us all. My responsibility is to ensure the safety and well-being of my family and mine. But to do so, I have to be aware that I must alert others when their behavior is harmful to him, but that it can also be harmful to my family and the rest of society. And the maturity to accept that it is the neighbor who alerts me, “he said.

García Feliciano said that the pride that their example and actions save lives should germinate in the public sentiment, and that they also motivate others to imitate their behavior to save those of others. He views it as a chain effect that promotes positive results.

Ombudsman García Feliciano pointed out that stopping and containing the advance of Covid-19 must be a citizen’s agenda that finally becomes a national pride for defending the future of Puerto Rico.

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