May 12, 2021

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OMECOS requests collaborations to continue its evangelizing work

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PONCE – The Media Office of the Diocese of Ponce (OMECOS), in charge of the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Fatima -for 55 years- calls for the solidarity of the Catholic faithful to collaborate with their donations so that the office can continue to carry out its evangelizing work.

“We produce radio programs, television programs, which go to Católica Radio, Católica TV, Teleoro, Radio Oro and other commercial stations and those spaces, many of them are public service, but there are a large number of them that we we have to pay ”, said the Director of OMECOS, Sr. Marianita López Carrión Op, while calling for the solidarity of the faithful to continue carrying out this program.

As he explained, “the vision is to make Jesus’ missionary mandate come true, which says to go all over the world and announce the Good News to every creature, with the particular motto Communicating the truth ”.

He also indicated that “our mission is to fulfill the task that the Lord left us to evangelize and communicate the truth to every creature using all the means of communication and new technologies available. Throughout these 55 years the sisters have walked with all the technologies that have existed and have existed since then ”, Sister Marianita testified.

The objectives of OMECOS are: to evangelize all families through radio, television, Internet programs, etc; also maintain a direct relationship with the audience through regular correspondence, electronic, social networks; combat religious confusion and misinformation through the dissemination of orientation and informational programs (spots, music, press releases, etc.).

To achieve these objectives, Sister Marianita calls on all the faithful to collaborate via ATH Móvil by sending their donation to the part of Pay to Businesses. / omecosponce. They can also send their contribution either in cash, money order or check to OMECOS PO Box 7520 Ponce, PR 00732-7520.

Using their resources and the means at their disposal, the Dominican Sisters of Fátima collaborate to bring to a successful conclusion the diocesan project proposed by Father Bishop Rubén González Medina for the 2016-2024 term, the year in which the Diocese of Ponce will celebrate its 100th anniversary. .

“I invite all the faithful to be a Missionary Disciple Church, that with our eyes always fixed on Jesus and imitating the Virgin Mary, we live in constant pastoral conversion, trying to be a place of encounter, trust, collaboration, company and unity. , giving faithful testimony of the closeness of the Kingdom of God. And we say this to all baptized faithful, since we are all missionary disciples, ”Sister Marianita exhorted in the words of the Bishop of the Diocese of Ponce.

People who want to know more about OMECOS and its programming can access, visit the social networks of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube such as: Omecos Ponce and on Facebook also as: OMECOS Diocese Ponce.

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