February 28, 2021

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On the agenda expansion of the municipal cemeteries of Mayagüez

The municipality of Mayagüez reported today that it has an agenda to expand its cemeteries after complaints that these places do not have new spaces for burials.

“Since we got back from recess, the situation of the spaces was immediately addressed, as is the case in all municipal cemeteries in Puerto Rico, where the useful life has been running out, since most of the cemeteries have been operating since the last century”, said Olga López, director of the Press Office of the municipality.

The official explained that the process of acquiring, through expropriation, an annexed land to expand the new municipal cemetery was ordered, while in the Centennial Cemetery of Mayagüez most of the graves are private and there is no capacity for new spaces.

This cemetery, which is known as the Old Municipal Cemetery of Mayagüez, appears in the National Register of Historic Places and its construction dates from 1875, he said.

In the case of the New Municipal Cemetery of Mayagüez, at the end of last year quotes were requested and the facilities were visited with a supplier to add 57 prefabricated niches and another 24 in the La Vega Cemetery, which is located in the rural area of ​​the municipality, he said. Lopez. In addition, the certified order was worked with a paint supplier at auction for both facilities, he added.

Last week, the Funerarias de Puerto Rico organization denounced that citizens have complained about the lack of spaces in the municipal cemeteries of the “Sultana del Oeste”, for which they have had to resort to private cemeteries, which are more expensive.

Funerarias de Puerto Rico also mentioned that there were no employees working in the cemeteries.

Along these lines, López explained that there was an administrator of the cemeteries until December 31, but that on that date he retired. The official said that the municipality addressed the problem when they returned from the Christmas break, and that there are six employees to attend the funerals.

The maintenance of municipal cemeteries is designated with the Perfect Integrade maintenance company, López said.

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