April 11, 2021

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Option in primaries for Covid-19 positives | government

Both the popular and the non-progressive members will have options for people with Covid-19 who want to participate in the Sunday primary.

The electoral commissioners of the New Progressive Party (PNP), María D. Santiago and the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) Lind O. Merle Feliciano explained that voters who test positive for Covid-19 will be able to vote in Sunday's primaries through the telephone voting system, which is now available only to blind people.

As explained to EL VOCERO voters who have a positive result for coronavirus, will be able to reach the electoral units and explain to officials that they have a positive result for Covid-19.

Then, they will receive a number telephone using which they can carry out the voting process.

"It is a system that is available, that has been little used, but that we can now use," said Merle Felic iano.

He said that voters need to go to the units because there is no other way to confirm that there is a diagnosis of coronavirus and this telephone system is not available to all voters. He announced that for the November elections, given the prevalence of the pandemic, they could implement other alternatives.

"This is the safe way we seek so that these people can vote," he said.

He said that school officials They will have protective equipment such as face masks, gloves, and face shields, in addition to distributing gloves to the voters.

This is the first time in history that PPD voters have chosen a candidate for candidate for governor. The applicants are Senator Eduardo Bhatia and Mayors Carmen Yulín Cruz and Carlos Delgado Altieri.

Vote for service car

The PPD will also carry out a pilot project of vote for service car. On Saturday, voters who vote in Barceloneta will be able to do so by car service at the Fernando Suria Chaves school. In this school there will be three colleges enabled for those who prefer to vote out of their cars. As explained, the electronic counting machines were enabled so that voters can deposit their ballots from the car.

On Sunday, the service vote will only be available to voters in Unit 1 of Dorado. This vote will be held in the Ecological and Recreational Agrotourism Park of this municipality and voting will only be available from the car.

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