July 30, 2021

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Organizations criticize Pierluisi for his stance on special education

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Puerto Rico – The Steering Committee of the Special Education Class Lawsuit, the Puerto Rico Autism Alliance, Ryan and his struggle, Innovative Mothers, the Movement for Children and Public Education, linked to the rights of students in the Special Education Program, on Friday they expressed their “sadness” and “indignation” at the support for the “disastrous” bill 1945, demonstrated by Pedro Pierluisi, during the debate on the candidates for governor.

As part of his expressions, “he irresponsibly criticizes the lawyers who defend children and youth with functional diversity on a daily basis, attacking litigation processes, which are really caused by the non-compliance sustained for more than forty years, by the Department of Education and the government of Puerto Rico ”, they indicated today.

“It is the same government, which has spent millions of dollars, which could well be used to comply with the processes, to pay law firms to defend the indefensible. Enough of vicious attacks; It is time to vindicate the rights of this population and respect the stipulations of the Special Education class lawsuit ”, they added.

This bill that repeals Law 51 on special education “has been vetoed twice, both by former Governor Ricardo Roselló and by incumbent Wanda Vázquez. Even so, the promoter, Representative Rafael June Rivera, continues to insist on resubmitting it and overriding the veto despite the fact that it does not have the endorsement of any group that defends the rights of this population. “

“It is unfortunate that Pierluisi has repeated false expressions propagated by the representative Rivera, in the absence of congruent arguments to promote a harmful project for our special education children. Unnecessary, in addition, since sufficient information was provided, in a letter sent by representatives of this population, which was neither responded to nor endorsed. In this letter, we asked that you express your commitment to education and against Project 1945, ”they stressed.

While “we listened to Pierluisi propose to the country that he is against corruption, we were surprised by his support for a bill that can open the doors to unscrupulous contractors, who are least interested in the well-being of Puerto’s children and youth. Rich. This is assimilated to the case of the approval of the arms law that was recently denounced ”, they also expressed their opinion.

On several occasions, they recall, they have invited the candidate for governor to participate in forums related to the issue of education in Puerto Rico and to meet with representatives of the special education population and with the school community in general.

“In each and every one of them, their participation has declined. We understand that by listening to our proposals, you will have space to reflect and work in consensus for the families of this population, which we represent and defend. Taking a stance without first listening to those affected by this project that they want to make into law, is to alienate and harm over 300,000 families in the country, ”they stressed.

Finally, they exhorted the families of students with functional diversity and the “population that understands the importance of a free and appropriate public education; to be vigilant in these positions, when casting their vote in the general elections of November 3 ”.

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