June 12, 2021

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Outgoing mayor of Cabo Rojo leaves $ 18.5 million in projects on track

He also maintained, leaves 1 million dollars in cash so that the new administration does not have problems paying the payroll of the employees in January 2021

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Red Cape – Outgoing mayor Roberto “Bobby” Ramírez Kurtz left over 18.5 million dollars earmarked for projects, works and programs that will benefit the people of Cabo Rojo, it was reported this Monday.

“The incoming municipal administration will have a sufficient budget to cover the expenses of this fiscal year, as well as 18.5 million dollars that it left directed for different programs, works, projects and acquisitions necessary to continue improving the quality of life of the caborrojeños”, Ramírez Kurtz stated in a written communication.

He argued that, in addition, he leaves 1 million dollars in cash so that the new administration does not have problems paying the payroll of employees in January 2021, and an additional 3 million dollars for operational expenses.

Similarly, it reduced the municipality’s debt from $ 38 million to $ 22 million.

Ramírez Kurtz presented the following breakdown for the investment of the mentioned 18.5 million dollars:

  • $ 3,100,000 for the construction of the Stormwater Diversion Canal in the Corozo community.
  • 2 million dollars for the construction of the New Trench for the deposit of solid waste in the Municipal Landfill.
  • $ 2 million for Tsunami Warning Alarms; an electric generator for the Municipal Police Headquarters; Atarjea for the Betances community; and the Gabion Wall in the Los Mendoza stream, by Ana María.
  • $ 60,000 for the repair of the Plaza de Recreo Doctor Ramón Emeterio Betances y Alacán.
  • $ 10 million for the City Revitalization Program, from CDBG-DR funds, from the Department of Housing.
  • $ 1,500,000 approved on December 23 to acquire two garbage trucks, two spider trucks, a hook truck, a drinking water truck, a vehicle for fumigation, two patrols for the Municipal Police and two ambulances for the Emergency Medical System.
  • All swings, including one for a wheelchair, from the Rebekah Colberg Sports Complex.
  • $ 80,000 for a traffic study and $ 1 million to purchase mass transit vehicles.
  • Proposal and design for the construction of five residences; and the design of two houses affected by the earthquakes.

Ramírez Kurtz reported that to continue fighting the spread of Covid-19, the municipality of Cabo Rojo has an effective tracking system, as well as an Inventory of masks, alcohol, and anti-virus and antibacterial gel.

He stressed that the municipality already has personnel assigned to track and monitor the cases sent by the Department of Health and a system for collecting epidemiological data on active, suspected and suspected cases of the coronavirus.

“Strengthening the contact tracing of patients positive for the coronavirus is a valuable tool in our fight to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep our people healthy,” he emphasized.

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