August 1, 2021

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Over 300 people are tested for COVID-19 in Toa Baja

They also got vaccinated against influenza

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Toa Baja – Over 300 residents of the municipality of Toa Baja underwent serological tests for the detection of COVID-19 (rapid test), vaccinated against influenza, as well as other laboratory tests during a Health and Service fair organized on Tuesday, by the representative of the New Progressive Party (PNP) Pedro Julio ‘Pelle’ Santiago Guzmán.

From the early hours of the morning, dozens of citizens visited the outskirts of the Santiago Guzmán District Office, which is located in the center of the Campanillas neighborhood of Toa Baja to take tests that also included glucose levels, thyroid, among others.

“For us it is very important to bring health services to the communities of Toa Baja and more now, during this COVID-19 pandemic, that is why we decided to hold this event where the residents of this city could pass and undergo rapid tests, serological, under strict security measures. We also develop protocols that will allow reporting these results, according to the Health Department guidelines. Our north is the health of our people, and more so now, in times of pandemic, ”said Santiago Guzmán in a written communication.

“One thing we saw is that many people also took the opportunity to get vaccinated against influenza, something that is vital now that we are entering the months with less heat,” added the legislator.

Medical personnel, including nurses, as well as volunteers were assisting citizens during the testing process.

The president of the House of Representatives, Carlos ‘Johnny’ Méndez Núñez, went to the place to share, with all the required security measures, with the public.

“This is a tremendous initiative by comrade Santiago Guzmán which had our full support. With this type of platform, the health services that the people want are brought to their communities, bringing them closer to the people. Today we were able to verify the great reception that this health event had, where the residents of Toa Baja showed great reception to the services offered. The important thing is that they come out happy and healthy, “added the president of the Chamber.

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