July 28, 2021

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Overtime Pay to Emergency Medical Employees | government

The secretary of the Department of Public Security (DSP), Pedro J. Janer, announced the payment of more than $ 1.5 million in overtime to members of the Bureau of Medical Emergency Corps (NCEM), thus covering balances owed since the year 2015.

“The staff of the Medical Emergency Corps Bureau demonstrates daily their commitment and dedication to save lives even in times of difficulty for the entire Puerto Rican people. These companions leave their families to save the lives of others. Starting today, hundreds of employees will receive their payments for a global total of $ 1,577,132.72, "explained the secretary.

For his part, NCEM commissioner Guillermo Torruella explained that the payment is being disbursed to paramedics, technicians of medical emergencies and dispatchers.

“This disbursement covers balances owed for the years 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019. In addition, it covers all the overtime worked at the beginning of the current year when the southern area of ​​Puerto Rico was affected by earthquakes. At NCEM we maintain a firm commitment to assert the rights that each one of them has and deserves. I thank all the staff who, no matter the circumstance, carry out their duties with passion and dedication to provide an opportunity for life to others, "stressed the commissioner.

Torruella mentioned that the payment for overtime worked during earthquakes will be made by check and the rest of the payments will be received through the direct deposit system.

Purchase of equipment

On the other hand, officials reported that a purchase for $ 28,115 was made for concept of uniforms for the 60 employees that make up the Bureau's supervision team.

“Recently, uniforms were purchased for operational personnel. However, the granting of these to supervisors was pending. Thanks to the responsibility we have shown in handling the finances of the Bureau, this week, each of the supervisors received three pants, three shirts and a pair of boots. This is the first time in approximately a decade that the NCEM provides uniforms to all its personnel, "explained Torruella.

Lastly, they reported the purchase of a Kawasaki 4×4 off-road vehicle that will be used to achieve handling and transportation. efficient patient management when emergencies occur in crowded activities or difficult to access sectors. The unit, acquired with an investment of $ 27,240 contemplated in the budget, has a rescue stretcher, a seat for paramedics, a compartment to store medical equipment, sirens, emergency lights, speakers, a hard top and an acrylic windshield.

“ Our goal is that each of the Negotiators that make up the DSP have the best tools so that the personnel carry out their functions safely and efficiently. I am sure that the acquisition of this equipment will be beneficial to the security of the citizenry, "concluded Secretary Janer.

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