July 31, 2021

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PAC and Super PAC impact on local electoral race begins

In past days, in spaces such as television and billboards, a series of announcements against the candidacy of Vázquez have been seen, financed by political action committees (PAC) such as Puerto Rican Union of Workers (SPT) and others identified as Growing Economic Opportunities and Salvemos a Puerto Rico .

According to information provided by the OCE, Salvemos a Puerto Rico is a so-called Super PAC based in Arlington, Virginia, whose reports, Velez explained, are forwarded to the local body by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for having incurred expenses in Puerto Rico. [19659002] Super PACs are entities that, contrary to regular PACs, do not face a ceiling on individual donations and can receive donations from corporations, Vélez said. In Puerto Rico, a person can donate up to $ 2,800 annually to a regular committee.

Although the OCE has not yet received documentation on Growing Economic Opportunities from the FEC, Vélez maintained that the preliminary information is that they represent the interests of the union Laborers International Union of North America (Liuna) based in New Jersey. In guidelines with the slogan of "Wanda deceives you" the group includes the physical address of 104 Interchange Plaza, Suite 301 Monroe, NJ 08831, where the New Jersey Laborers PAC is based which according to its website "coordinates and advocates" for Liuna's interests.

Liuna, through the firm World Professionals Group (WPG) received the services of the lobbyist and friend of the former governor Ricardo Rosselló Elías Sánchez . However, El Nuevo Día reported in January that Sánchez no longer had a relationship with the WPG.

The SPT, for its part, is registered with the OCE as one of six independent spending committees the equivalent to the Super PACs in Puerto Rico, explained Vélez. The union must file its first report, corresponding to the April to June quarter, before July 20.

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