April 11, 2021

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Panel of the Independent Special Prosecutor requires Justice to deliver referrals

The Panel on the Independent Special Prosecutor (PFEI) called on the Department of Justice to immediately deliver the six reports whose delivery was revoked by the agency's acting secretary, Wandymar Burgos.

Among the reports is a referral against Governor Wanda Vázquez.

The members of the PFEI held an urgent meeting before the withdrawal of the preliminary investigation files. These established that after having completed the preliminary investigation and signed by the last secretary of Justice, the only legal course is to deliver the documents.

At a press conference held this morning, Governor Wanda Vázquez, assured that would instruct Burgos to send the documents to the FEI Panel . The first executive assured that she will face any result of an investigation against her person at the same time that she attacked the PFEI, who in the past investigated her when she served as secretary of Justice.

In their statements, the members of the Panel indicated that they did not they would react to the expressions of the governor.

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