July 28, 2021

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Patch of moisture will cause light downpours

A patch of moisture moving over Puerto Rico this morning causes slight downpours in the east-interior and part of the basin of the Carraízo reservoir, but the amounts of rain are not significant enough to help an improvement in the drought that crosses the area.

Meteorologist Carlos Anselmi, from the National Meteorological Service (SNM) in San Juan, explained that at about 8:30 am the radar detected showers from Naguabo to the Coamo and Barranquitas area.

"It is not significant in terms of impacts or accumulations of rain" he warned.

The area is going through a period of severe and moderate drought. Its worst effect is the implementation of various rationing plans, mainly for over 140,000 subscribers of the Carraízo reservoir . This is at "control level". The next stage is “out of service.”

According to the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, yesterday it dropped eight centimeters at its level . It was located at 36.84 meters.

Where more rain is predicted it is for the west zone for afternoon hours. These will be due to the available humidity, local effects and the proximity of a weak trough in Hispaniola.

In fact, the forecast of the meteorological agency warns that "urban and local stream floods will be possible" .

The development of thunderstorms, which are areas that carry the heaviest downpours and thunderstorms, is expected.

Regarding temperature, the SNM projects that the thermometer can reach 92 degrees Fahrenheit and the heat index is not expected to exceed 100 degrees.

On the other hand, the forecasts warn that tomorrow at night a pulse of dust would come from the Sahara desert that would give it I spend late Monday to the possible arrival of a tropical wave. This system would affect the Island between Monday to Tuesday. Later, more dust would arrive from the Sahara, as another wave is expected to pass on Wednesday, Anselmi detailed.

There is still no projection of how much rain these systems would bring.

"You have to see the behavior of this system, since that it is typical that at this time of year the meteorological guides begin to increase the frequency of tropical waves because it is something typical of local climatology. We have to see if the rain activity materializes, "said the expert.

" We are going to have periods of dry air and humid air. You have to see how that interacts, "he added.

The maritime conditions, meanwhile, are choppy and it is expected to become more dangerous in the coming days.

" The surf should continue below of six feet, although high pressure on the Atlantic surface will continue to induce moderate to locally vigorous winds that will be causing choppy waves of up to five feet . From Sunday to the next week it should get a bit more choppy, "warned the meteorologist.

The risk of underwater currents is low for most of the beaches. Only moderate risk is recorded on some beaches between Aguadilla and Río Grande, as well as in the east of Culebra, as well as the east and southeast of Vieques. bathers should exercise caution in the mentioned areas.

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