July 26, 2021

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Payroll of the Chamber will be delivered between today and Friday

The cameral president stressed that they will give the information without anyone having to resort to the Court

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San Juan – The president of the House of Representatives, Carlos “Johnny” Méndez Núñez, said this Thursday that they will deliver the information of the chamber’s payroll, between today (Thursday) and Friday.

“This information will be made public between today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday). We are in the compilation of what has been requested to be made public, since 2013. And it will be made public soon and there we will know what everyone earns, “said Méndez Núñez in a radio interview with Rubén Sánchez on WKAQ 580.

The President of the Chamber said that “personal and confidential information” is being purged from the payroll, such as the social security number and the discounts that are made to each person for the payment of insurance and medical plans, among others.

“We are going to present things as they are,” said Méndez Núñez in the radio interview, rejecting that they are going to hide information from people who work or have a contract, or who have worked or had contracts, between 2013 and the present.

Méndez Núñez stressed that they will give the information of the Chamber’s payroll without anyone having to resort to the Court.

“We have not received any order from the Court to deliver information,” said the Speaker of the Chamber.

“I guide my bus,” said Méndez Núñez, explaining that he does not have a driver as part of his work team.

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