May 14, 2021

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Pedro Pierluisi after the murder of Andrea Ruiz Costas: “Our system failed him”

“Everything indicates that our system failed him.”

This was concluded this Monday by the governor Pedro Pierluisi regarding the case of Andrea Ruiz Costas, murdered by her ex-partner Miguel Ángel Ocasio, who confessed to the crime to state authorities. Ruiz Costas had gone to the judicial system for protection, but received no help.

Pierluisi revealed that he read the complaint filed by Ruiz Costas and does not understand how no cause was found to issue him a protection order.

“I don’t know what happened in that hearing before the municipal judge who saw the matter… I read the complaint. I do not know what happened in the hearing of cause for arrest, under Rule 6, before the municipal judge. A representative of the Public Ministry did not participate. That is the first thing to correct here “, the governor sentenced during a press conference in La Fortaleza accompanied by his security team.

He said that he gave instructions to the Secretary of Justice, Domingo Emanuelli, so that, through legislation or regulation, there is always the presence of the Public Ministry in all cases of gender violence.

Ruiz Costas had gone to the Caguas Court on March 26 for a case of gender violence, but Judge Ingrid Alvarado “found no cause for arrest, nor was a protection order issued, and we already know the result of this. ”. The presiding judge of the Supreme Court, Maite Oronoz, ordered an investigation.

“It is that I cannot understand how here there was no centile of evidence, which is the minimum amount of evidence required, for the arrest of the accused to be ordered. From the complaint itself, it was seen that this victim was under siege. You could see that you had to protect herPierluisi said obviously annoyed and outraged.

“That victim did not protect me at the time. That cries in the eyes of God, “he added.

Andrea Ruiz Costas.

The governor maintained that the case of Ruiz Costas and that of Keishla Rodriguez, whose murder is still under investigation, but federal authorities arrested the fighter Felix Verdejo as the alleged perpetrator of the crime, they show “the evil of gender violence”.

“A war that we have not won, because there are too many battles that we have lost. There are many lives that it has cost us and there are many people who still live in terror that the same thing happens to them. For them, it is that we have to examine what has happened to ensure that we are complying with the needs of the victims and with the justice processes required by law, “he said.

The first executive praised the work of the Police and the cooperation of the citizens while emphasizing that they must improve the Rosa Alert, used for the first time in Rodríguez’s case to warn of his disappearance.

“Today we can say that we are doing everything possible to ensure that justice is done in both cases and in any case that may arise,” said Pierluisi.

On the way, she attacked the Fiscal Oversight Board for not granting her the $ 7 million she requested for the Emergency Fund against gender violence. The fiscal entity only assigned him $ 200,000. Pierluisi emphasized that the process of allocating the budget for the next fiscal year has not yet concluded.

“They can still correct. They can still rectify. The $ 7 million that this server included in the budget request for the PARE Committee, they did not grant, ”the governor said annoyed.

“The $ 7 million that I asked they have not granted, that they grant it,” claimed Pierluisi.


If you are a victim of gender-based violence or you observe that someone else shows signs of abuse, you can seek help by contacting the Police Domestic Violence Division at 787-792-6734 or 787-782-1050, ext. 1018. You can also call the confidential line 787-343-2020 to report all types of crime. The confidential line for the Women’s Ombudsman’s Office is 787-722-2977.

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