November 29, 2020

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Pedro Pierluisi assures that expressions where he uses the word "prietito" were taken out of context

"Trying to attribute a pejorative intention to myself by expressions taken from an audio from several years ago is absurd."

This is how the pre-candidate for the government reacted by the New Progressive Party (PNP) [19659005] Pedro Pierluisi about a video that circulates through social networks in which he appears referring to some former co-workers as "prietitos" at a restaurant in New Orleans.

"I have washed dishes, without gloves , with a few little black hairs that I did not even understand English "the former resident commissioner maintains in the images.

Before that, Pierluisi said in written statements sent to El Nuevo Día that his The words came "in the context of me being in a place working proudly as a dishwasher and cook to pay for my studies, when I didn't speak English well and where we were all minorities."

Earlier in a radio interview (WKAQ – 580 A M), the also former president of the PNP indicated that he did not know the origin of the video.

"That seems like a public forum and I should have made that expression many years ago because I did not do it recently, so I do not know where it went or Where did he go, but I reiterate, there is nothing negative in that expression, I am telling the truth, "he defended.

" My path against discrimination and equality is clear, and I will not deviate from continuing to carry my message of to give Puerto Rico a government of excellence "he added in the statements to this medium.

He also condemned the images being published, since, according to him, there is an intention to" inject hatred into the discussion public. "

" What our society needs is peace and sensitivity and that is what I will always focus on "he stressed.

In the radio interview he added that he would repeat his expressions" as many times as I have to reiterate "because he is proud of his origins. [19659009] "I am proud of all the jobs I have had throughout my life, including very humble jobs like that, because the important thing is that you sweat what you have," he said.

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