August 1, 2021

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Pedro Pierluisi calls for an investigation into possible “obstruction of justice at the highest level of our government”

After meeting tonight that just hours before being dismissed as Secretary of Justice, Dennise Longo Quiñones had recommended an independent special prosecutor (FEI) to investigate the governor Wanda Vázquez for alleged irregularities in the distribution of aid after the earthquake of last January, the candidate for the candidacy for government by the New Progressive Party (PNP), Pedro Pierluisi demanded an investigation to investigate what could it is a “obstruction of justice at the highest level of our government.” .

Longo Quiñones submitted his resignation on Friday, July 3 at the request of the governor, who has not offered details on why It took away his confidence. This Monday, meanwhile, El Nuevo Día published in scoop that the former Secretary of Justice had referred Vázquez to an FEI as well as Senator Evelyn Vázquez and her husband, businessman Peter Muller. However, this media learned from various sources that before being officially received at the Panel office on the Independent Special Prosecutor (PFEI), these referrals were returned to the Department of Justice at the request of the agency's designated interim secretary, Wandymar Burgos Vargas,.

"This matter has to be investigated to its ultimate consequences" read the written expressions sent to the media by Pierluisi.

" It is public knowledge that the governor dismissed Secretary Longo last Friday. The (media) media have also reported that, today, the acting secretary of the Justice Department, Wandymar Burgos, who was appointed to that position this same weekend, asked that the case files be returned to her. If this information were true, an obstruction of justice would have occurred at the highest level of our government ”stated Pierluisi, who in addition to working as a resident commissioner, also worked as secretary of Justice under the administration of Governor Pedro Rosselló in the 90s.

Longo Quiñones' recommendation was that an FEI investigate the governor for irregularities in the provision of aid after the earthquakes and aftershocks that hit the southern area of ​​Puerto Rico as of January 6, this year.

Pierluisi is seeking the candidacy for governorship by the PNP for the next electoral elections in the primaries of August 9, in which his rival will be Governor Wanda Vázquez.

Meanwhile, the resident commissioner, Jenniffer González summoned the governor to speak clearly, to explain the accusations that were made public today.

“The allegations outlined in the press in the no. Today they are very serious and strong. They must be investigated to the last consequences and if what is published is true, charges must be filed with all those that correspond. No one is above the law. The governor must speak clearly and forcefully to our people. Puerto Rico deserves no less right now. Our island is weary with so much controversy. The government must be a facilitator of the people, not the axis of controversies or acts contrary to the law "González indicated through a press release.

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