July 30, 2021

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Pedro Pierluisi presents his Government Program

“Today I present our agenda for Puerto Rico. There are no magic wands, but there is a multisectoral strategy, well developed, structured and above all realistic and programmatic, “said the candidate for governor for the PNP in a press conference

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San Juan – The candidate for governor for the New Progressive Party (PNP), Pedro Rafael Pierluisi Urrutia presented his Government Program entitled “Puerto Rico Promises” on Wednesday.

“Today I present our agenda for Puerto Rico. There are no magic wands, but there is a multi-sector strategy, well developed, structured and above all realistic and programmatic. Each proposal is a solution to the problems that have plagued our people for years and prevent us from achieving the statehood we need. To get out of the stalemate, we are going to make things happen, that is my commitment. We are going to direct a government focused on results, with an emphasis on execution and transparency as a vaccine against corruption. There are many challenges that Puerto Rico faces, but I believe in Puerto Rico, ”Pierluisi Urrutia said at a press conference.

It established economic development strategies for the Island as the first priority.

In the first place, he emphasized the reconstruction of Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and streamlining the disbursements of federal funds related to natural disasters and the pandemic.

He said he will declare all reconstruction projects critical projects.

He spoke of improving Puerto Rico’s business environment, simplifying procedures with the government, reforming the permit system, and strengthening and encouraging local commerce.

He also assured that he will take advantage of Puerto Rico’s opportunity to join the federal efforts to return biomedical manufacturing to the United States.

He promised to provide all the resources to the Resident Commissioner to make Puerto Rico become the center of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

For her part, the Resident Commissioner, Jenniffer González Colón assured that “there is no better combination of experience, results and commitment to serving our people than Pedro Pierluisi and myself. A perfect duplet at the local and federal level. He being a Democrat and I am a Republican, we will work with our respective contacts in Washington, to continue to emerge from the fiscal crisis in which we find ourselves, and achieve that more than 120 billion dollars that I have achieved (12 billion for the electrical network, 10.795 billion for the Health Card, an additional 2 billion for the PAN, among others) for Puerto Rico finally reach the hands of all of you ”.

The also vice president of the PNP added that she is “focused on bringing more manufacturing and pharmaceuticals to the Island to create good jobs for you. The pandemic has given us a great opportunity to achieve this and the White House has already announced what I have been working with them since February, that the manufacturing of medical equipment supply from China be redirected to Puerto Rico. We have the Infrastructure. the local talent and the experience to achieve it and I will not stop working until it is completed ”.

Also, priority will be given to revitalizing tourism, growing the agricultural sector and promoting emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, hemp and eSports.

Pierluisi added that energy transformation is essential for all components of economic development, so its reconstruction, compliance with the new public policy and the generation of renewable energy will have priority in his government.

Regarding the quality of life components, he pointed out health, education and safety.

He presented his comprehensive health vision to ensure that every Puerto Rican has access to medical services within a reasonable distance.

He mentioned that he will give priority to mental health and highlighted his proposals to retain and attract health professionals, as well as to strengthen the oversight functions of ASES.

Regarding the educational proposals, he highlighted bilingual teaching, expanding the academic offer and extending the school hours. He also said that “we must stop litigating against the parents of our special education students and focus on giving them the tools and services they deserve,” he said.

Regarding security, Pierluisi mentioned that ‘we are going to declare a state of emergency for gender violence to ensure that all the necessary resources are allocated to combat this evil, including a daily contact system for all victims of violence with an order of protection”.

Regarding the government’s transparency, he mentioned that it will guarantee access to public information from the transition process and will establish a Citizen Information Portal (PIC) where the people can obtain information on government services.

He said that “transparency is a vaccine against corruption and we are going to restore our people’s trust in their public institutions.”

He also explained that he will reform the public contracting process and transform the Office of Human Resources Administration and Transformation (OARTH) into the Office of Personnel Administration (OAP) using the federal Office of Personal Management model to centralize the recruitment of the entire government personnel based on the principle of merit.

Regarding the fiscal responsibility of the government, he said that he will prioritize the balanced budget and promote legislation to create the Office of the Chief Financial Officer that unifies the efforts between the Department of the Treasury, the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Management and Budget and the Financial Advisory Authority and Fiscal Agency (AAFAF).

Pierluisi reiterated that he will not delegate the chair to the Fiscal Control Board and will try to protect pensions, stop cuts to the University of Puerto Rico, ensure the necessary resources for municipalities to provide essential services and ensure compliance with a compensation plan and fair compensation for public servants.

Finally, Pierluisi, together with the resident commissioner, expressed that if we win the Yes in the plebiscite consultation, “behind will be the sterile discussion of the status that has stalled our growth and our ability to work together on other priority issues, such as education, aid the citizen and the efficiency of our government. That is the importance of Yes. Full equality that we all want depends on the Yes to Statehood ”.

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