August 4, 2021

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Peñuelas environmental leaders reject Charlie Delgado’s proposal on an agreement with AES

The PPD gubernatorial candidate did not rule out signing a new agreement to keep the company on the island

Photo: Jason Rodríguez

PenuelasPeñuelas activist leaders, who have fought a momentous battle against the deposit of toxic coal ash in Puerto Rico, criticized the intention of the candidate for governor for the PPD, Carlos “Charlie” Delgado Altieri, to sign a new contract with the company AES and extend their stay on the island.

For Professor Yanina Moreno Febre, spokesperson for the Camp Against Ashes in Peñuelas, it is irresponsible to be proposing to reach new agreements with a criminal company like AES.

“It is outrageous and disrespectful that, after being contaminated and poisoned with toxic waste from AES, being arrested and persecuted by the government during the demonstrations in Peñuelas, and before a company that refuses to comply with the laws of the country, Mr. Charlie Delgado proposes to sign a new contract with those corporate vultures. We must remove the AES company from Puerto Rico, and not reward it for ending the lives of our people, “said Moreno.

“Mr. Delgado never met or consulted with the communities affected by the AES company, but he is willing to prolong the suffering of the people, keeping AES in the country for longer,” he added.

The environmental leader warned about the danger that the PNP and PPD candidates represent to the environment and the health of the communities.

“In the PNP, while Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia was a lobbyist for the AES, Jenniffer González Colón received donations from that company. In the case of the PPD, during Anibal Acevedo Vilá’s tenure in the governorate, in addition to the southern gas pipeline, this began the indiscriminate deposit of toxic ashes on the island and now Charlie Delgado wants to sign another agreement with AES. These four people are enemies of our people ”, Moreno Febre declared.

For his part, José M. Díaz Pérez, a member of the Peñuelas Camp, said that the energy future of Puerto Rico cannot be based on whether a solution is nice or not.

“Mr. Charlie Delgado seems that he is not well advised and does not know much about the subject. The transition with methane or natural gas started long ago. Over 40% of the energy is already produced with this type of gas. Here is a law (Law 17-2019) that establishes that by 2050 our electricity system must be generating 100% with renewable sources. If we now extend contracts to AES or other companies to increase the use of methane or natural gas, we will not comply with the law. The same will happen as the recycling law that was never complied with, ”he said.

Both spokesmen called for the people to choose candidates who are committed to: monitoring the places where ashes have been deposited, that a legal process be brought against the AES so that it assumes its responsibility for the damage caused to the environment and people, shutting down the coal plant and taking AES out of the country.

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