February 25, 2021

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People with COVID-19 will not be able to leave Puerto Rico

A group of people with COVID-19, who wanted to travel outside of Puerto Rico were included in the “Do Not Board” (DNB) list after being identified by the Department of Health.

The agency reported that, in recent days, they had the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) add COVID-19, infected people, who are currently in Puerto Rico to the list.

“They are people that our Health Department has identified and notified that they have to remain in quarantine or isolation in their residences. These are carriers of the virus who intend to travel abroad, exposing other people to the disease” according to a press release sent by the agency.

As part of the restrictions established in the DNB, the Department of Health explained that people on the list will not be able to travel on trains, buses, ferries or boats. In order to avoid spreading the disease to other passengers, flight crew or people in their respective destinations.

The CDC maintains constant communication with the Department of Health and both agencies provide support to address these issues.

According to the secretary Lorenzo González Feliciano it is the first time that the Department of Health will use these methods in Puerto Rico to prevent massive spread.

“The situation merits citizen responsibility and we will use the necessary resources to let citizens know that the pandemic is not over. We continue to pursue our objective, developing advanced strategies and technologies that allow us to ensure compliance with the laws we administer, thus guaranteeing the protection and health of our people, “ he concluded.

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