April 11, 2021

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PFEI goes to Justice in relation to the governor's investigation | government

Agents of the Panel on the Independent Special Prosecutor (PFEI) went this morning, together with the prosecutor Miguel Colón Ortiz, to the Department of Justice, in connection with the leak of the confidential report on the investigation to Governor Wanda Vázquez and other officials of the government.

This was confirmed by the FEI press spokesman, Luis Cruz. When asked by EL VOCERO, he said he did not know if the agents carried a search warrant or a request for information.

Three agents and two prosecutors entered the building located in Miramar mid-morning, but did not issue expressions to the press.

"There are no comments," said one of the officers when approached by journalists.

They allegedly are looking for documents and computers related to an investigation they carry out on documents leaked yesterday to the press regarding the investigation of the governor. This is the fiscal summary, which details confidential data of the witnesses who would be testifying against Vázquez.

According to the Justice investigation, Governor Vázquez and other officials may have committed violations of the Government Ethics Law, the Anti-Corruption Code and the Penal Code, as reported by the PFEI, in relation to the management of supplies for victims of earthquakes of the beginning of the year.

He could have violated article 4.2 of the Government Ethics Law by using the position to benefit or benefit a third party. This violation and that of the Anti-Corruption Code imply retaliation against a person for reporting the commission of a crime.

While the violation of article 252 of the Criminal Code would be for illegal use of work or services for their own benefit or that of a third.

Thus, the PFEI determined that there is "sufficient cause" to begin a thorough investigation into the facts.

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