June 25, 2021

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Pfei requires delivery of reports that included referrals to Vázquez | government

The Panel on the Independent Special Prosecutor (Pfei) issued a resolution requiring the Department of Justice to immediately deliver the six reports that included referrals to Governor Wanda Vázquez and other officials.

This after the Pfei members were called to an urgent meeting to attend the withdrawal by the Department of Justice of preliminary investigation files.

The physical delivery of these reports was stopped on the day of yesterday by the acting secretary of the Department of Justice, Wandymar Burgos. The new secretary yesterday confirmed that this process was stopped by alleging that it had been done without her knowledge and while she was in office.

The resolution cites the entire tract of the incident where the agent of the Special Investigations Bureau (NIE), Agneris Valentín, arrived to the panel to deliver the referrals to files, but received instructions from Justice not to proceed and return to that agency.

The members of the Pfei established that after the preliminary investigation and countersigned by the Secretary of Justice the only legal course of action was to deliver the same without further delay.

The former secretary Dennise Longo Quiñones was fired just before the referrals were submitted, but Governor Wanda Vázquez assured today that it had nothing to do with this, but with an improper intervention with an investigation federal.

Vázquez today hinted that the precedent of the Pfei was known and instructed Burgos to go ahead with the re holidays.

Meanwhile, in the face of the attacks against the Pfei and the integrity of its actions in the fight against government corruption, following its tradition as former judges, the panel refrained from reacting, qualifying or issuing comments on them.

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