April 20, 2021

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Pharmaceutical plans to manufacture potential drug against COVID-19 on the Island

San Juan. The American pharmaceutical company Romark plans to manufacture in Puerto Rico its drug NT-300 (nitazoxanide) for the treatment of COVID-19 which is in phase 3 of clinical trials , once its efficacy is confirmed and approved by the regulatory agency.

Romark president and CEO Marc Ayers said Thursday that the company is conducting three clinical trials of the drug.

Two of those trials are to test NT-300 as a prophylactic in preventing COVID-19 in high-risk populations.

The third trial is testing NT-300 for early treatment of COVID-19 in anyone twelve years of age or older.

He noted that for nearly a decade Romark has worked on NT-300 as a broad-spectrum antiviral drug to treat and prevent drug-resistant respiratory diseases, now including CO VID-19.

The manager explained that if the clinical trials are successful and the company receives approval to market the product, the firm intends to manufacture it in facilities on the island.

NT -300 (nitazoxanide prolonged-release tablets) is an investigational broad-spectrum antiviral drug in the clinical development phase.

Romark has invested more than $ 80 million in its operations in Puerto Rico and it now employs 100 people in the manufacturing plant and a laboratory it acquired in 2018.

Puerto Rico, which is a territory and Commonwealth of the United States, has suffered since July, coinciding with the end of the confinement , a worrying increase in the cases of COVID-19 that have set off alarms in the Government.

The report of the Department of Health of Puerto Rico this Thursday revealed eight additional deaths from COVID-19, while registered 452 confirmed positive cases and 234 additional probable cases, which brings the total of deaths to 412, those confirmed to 14,469 and probable ones to 16,914.

The news of the Romark project contrasts with the announcement today of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC) of the closure of the manufacturing plant of the Roche company in Ponce, municipality in the south of the island, which will leave about 200 workers unemployed. [19659002] Five months of research and trials by various groups of scientists working intensely on COVID-19 have so far cornered at least three drugs that were used at the beginning of the pandemic, one of them hydroxychloroquine, which made the drugs popular. Presidents of the United States and Brazil for their insistence on taking it.

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