June 12, 2021

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Pierluisi Announces New Unemployment Assistance Program

On his first day as governor, Pedro R. Pierluisi, and the Secretary of the Department of Labor and Human Resources, Carlos J. Rivera Santiago, announced the signing of a new agreement between the Federal Department of Labor and the island.

It is the new Mixed Unemployment Compensation Program (MEUC, for its acronym in English) that will be providing an additional compensation of $ 100 per week aimed at citizens who are receiving unemployment benefits for being salaried, but in turn generated income that rises at least $ 5,000 in self-employment during taxable year 2019. Said individuals are those who do not qualify to receive PUA, as they are eligible for unemployment.

“I reiterate that my government will take advantage of all the available and necessary resources so that Puerto Rican families have economic relief from the loss of income caused by the effects of Covid-19. Part of our agenda is to identify and implement all those aids that improve the financial situation of our families and, in turn, allow the island’s economy to be stimulated, ”Governor Pierluisi mentioned in written statements.

For his part, the Secretary of the Department of Labor and Human Resources, Carlos J. Rivera Santiago explained that this program is aimed mainly at those citizens, who have a main job and the employer pays them Unemployment Insurance, in turn maintained a second self-employment and reported income equal to $ 5,000 or more during taxable year 2019.

“We have identified that around 60 thousand people could qualify with the requirements, which would represent an economic impact of around $ 65 million. I thank the Governor for the diligence with which I sign such an important initiative, ”stated the Job Owner.

Requirements and instructions on how to participate in the Program will be published in the coming weeks.

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