April 20, 2021

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Pierluisi appoints new Secretary General of the PNP

The new secretary, who is currently the mayor of Naguabo, has stood out in various positions within the Party.

photo: Cybernews

SAN JUAN – The president of the New Progressive Party (PNP), Pedro Pierluisi, announced on Tuesday at the first virtual meeting of the Board of Directors, that he had appointed Noé Marcano as Secretary General of the community.

The new secretary, who is currently the mayor of Naguabo, has stood out in various positions within the Party. Starting today, the representative and past secretary, Rafael ‘June’ Rivera, will serve as the State Political Director of the PNP.

“I thank Noé Marcano for making himself available and accepting the challenge represented by the position of secretary a month and a half before the general election and the statehood plebiscite. Noah has incredible energy, he is an excellent spokesperson and I am sure that he will do a commendable job to keep our Party united and focused for the upcoming races. At the same time, I feel fortunate to be able to count on the advice and support of June Rivera as the State Political Director of our Party, after he skillfully serves as secretary of the community for the past four years, ”Pierluisi said in written communication.

Pierluisi made other appointments. He appointed the former president of the Chamber, Representative José Aponte Hernández, as executive director of the State Mission. On the other hand, he appointed Senator William Villafañe as State Coordinator for the Plebiscite.

During the meeting, the electoral efforts and campaign strategies that are being carried out were also discussed. The PNP President appointed Rolando Cuevas as director of the “Get Out the Vote” and General Víctor Pérez to represent the Veteran Statesmen. He also appointed the Statistical Legal Board, which will be chaired by Ana Quintero.

Likewise, Pierluisi appointed fourteen (14) presidential delegates to mobilize our voters in each of the Party’s political regions, in coordination with the fourteen (14) regional political directors of the community.

For his part, Dr. Carlos Mellado, director of the Luis A. Ferré Public Policy Institute, thanked all the political directors for holding the hearings in their respective regions. “You can feel the enthusiasm of the rank and file of the Party and we have received many proposals. They are all being evaluated and we will be able to unify the ideas to present a complete platform that addresses the challenges we face with solutions and concrete actions, ”said Mellado.

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