June 15, 2021

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Pierluisi asks the new leadership to “play as a team”

Photo: CyberNews

SAN JUAN – Governor Pedro Rafael Pierluisi Urrutia offered his first message on Saturday after the second swearing-in in front of the Capitol.

In his speech, Pierluisi Urrutia acknowledged that on November 3, voters chose a diverse leadership in the Legislative Assembly.

“I know how to play as a team. I’ve done it before. When I was Secretary of Justice, at the early age of 34 I worked as a team with the Comptroller (Ileana Colón Carlo), the FEI Panel Office, the Police and the federal government law and order agencies. And we fight crime, drug trafficking and corruption with success. When I was Resident Commissioner, I worked with two governors (Luis Fortuño and Alejandro García Padilla) with two very different Legislative Assemblies (the first chaired by the New Progressive Party and the second by the Popular Democratic Party), with members of Congress from both parties and with the president of the United States. And we had great achievements for our people, ”Pierluisi Urrutia said in his message.

“We are going to play as a team again, because that is what Puerto Rico needs,” he said.

The governor maintained that he understood the message issued by the people in the last elections.

“The new government and the new legislature will be an example of our diversity. The five different parties and independent legislators will reflect our new political and social reality. Fate put me here in the midst of these turbulent and historic times. Faced with great polarization and with high expectations. He trusted that God will give me the wisdom I need to guide Puerto Rico to a safe harbor, ”he said.

Finally, the governor listed what he understands are the true enemies of Puerto Rico: COVID-19, poverty, lack of access to an excellent education, crime, economic recession, corruption, discrimination and the colonial status of Puerto Rico.

“We have overcome a lot and we have many challenges ahead. We suffer the ravages of major hurricanes, unexpected earthquakes and a global pandemic. But Puerto Rico is not daunted. Our people are resilient and caring. And together we always move forward ”, he declared.

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