March 1, 2021

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Pierluisi asks Wanda Vázquez to answer Rosselló's letter about missing belongings in La Fortaleza

The candidate for governor by the New Progressive Party (PN P), Pedro Pierluisi said today that the governor Wanda Vázquez must respond to Ricardo Roselló Nevares the letter in which he questioned the whereabouts of belongings he left in La Fortaleza after his resignation from office in the summer of 2019. In turn, he described as "low politics" that the first executive involved him in the matter.

“Hey, I answered the letter to the former governor because that is what needs to be done, clarifying what I have to clarify and that's it. But really, bring me, grab me by the hair, but for what? That is a policy, I say, cheap, cheap, that is not done "Pierluisi said when approached.

Last week El Nuevo Día revealed the content of a letter that Rosselló sent to Vázquez Garced in the who rejected that property from La Fortaleza had been taken away after a complaint to the Police came to light in which the person in charge of the property in La Fortaleza, José D. Candelaria Santos, denounced the disappearance of objects from the Santa Catalina Palace , among which stood out a massage chair, a protective seat and three pens, all with a value of $ 14,729.45

In the letter, Rosselló Nevares demanded that Vázquez Garced publicly clarify the information, which, he alleged, was revealed. with "malicious intention". He added that it was he and his family who left items of his property, among which he mentioned a dining room set and a kayak.

He assured that they have requested the return of the belongings and that, so far, he has received no response.

“It is that it borders on the ridiculous and what it denotes is like a lack of experience. Because that is almost the lowest policy, low politics. So I say that I feel sorry. Who thought to suggest that? Well, I don't know, "Pierluisi maintained.

Vázquez Garced maintained that it is up to Rosselló Nevares and Pierluisi to explain what happened to the objects and how they used public funds. “That property did not appear, so I am going to comply because I am not going to allow doubts, in any of the people who are listening to us, where are those public funds. They have to appear or they have to say what they did with them. We will refer it to the relevant authorities and that they do the investigation, be it the Department of Justice or other agencies. We will refer it because it is up to them. I make the discovery and they investigate, "said Vázquez Garced.

Pierluisi said that in the five days he was in La Fortaleza after Rosselló Nevares's departure, his efforts were limited to meeting with the heads of agencies and other sectors to guarantee the continuity of government services. "Well, if everyone knows that I was there scarcely five days, that the ex-governor's move occurred before I got there, that the transition reports were requested and coordinated before I arrived There, when I was in La Fortaleza, there were still reports of transition and it is public because the people knew it, because I was very transparent, "he emphasized.

" I had nothing to do with it and if he ordered an inventory and an audit, then, that, then, will bring it to a successful conclusion, "he pointed out.

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