June 14, 2021

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Pierluisi receives the blessing – First Hour

Before his swearing in this morning, the governor-elect Pedro Pierluisi attended a religious service last night at the Stella Maris parish in Condado where he received the blessing of Monsignor Antonio Vázquez Colón and which Pierluisi published on his social networks.

“Make it an instrument of your peace. With the power of your arm, guide, Lord, your decisions and steps. Strengthen him with the strength of your Holy Spirit so that tiredness, discouragement or malicious criticism does not overcome him ”, shared the leader of the New Progressive Party about the parish priest’s message.

Monsignor Antonio Vázquez Colón officiated the act.

Pierluisi will be sworn in as governor of Puerto Rico this morning at an event to be held in front of the Capitol, in which he will have 400 guests.

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