May 15, 2021

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PIP and PPD electoral commissioners will not accept the salary increase provided by the new Electoral Code

The electoral commissioner of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) Roberto Iván Aponte, announced this Monday that he will not accept the salary increase established by the new Electoral Code for himself and for the alternate commissioner.

"I want to make it clear that neither this server nor comrade Claribel Lanausse, as alternate commissioner, will accept the salary increase proposed in the recently signed 'Electoral Deform'" she said.

"At a time when Puerto Rico faces an economic crisis, a fiscal bankruptcy in which people have been forced to queue for miles seeking unemployment payment, it is embarrassing and outrageous that the electoral reform seeks to create a position for the alternate president in the State Election Commission (CEE) and give a salary increase to election commissioners and alternates. This is an insult to the people, "he added.

While Merle Feliciano established in a letter to the president of the EEC that the rejection of the wage increase is" consistent with the claims we have made that this project (the Electoral Code ) attempts against the democratic system of Puerto Rico. ”

In addition, the electoral commissioner of the PPD requests – by means of a letter – that the money destined for this increase be destined to“ the comrades of the EEC whose salaries are below the $ 1,500 per month and whose basic needs cannot be met at the current salary. ”

The new Electoral Code increases the salary of electoral commissioners and alternates. Establishes that the commissioners will have the salary of a judge of the Court of Appeals. That equates to an increase from $ 80,000 annually to $ 90,000. While the alternate commissioners will receive $ 120 less annually than the property commissioners.

The president of the EEC, Juan Ernesto Dávila Rivera, did not answer calls from this medium today. However, it has said that, although it supports the Electoral Code, does not know how much money it requires for its implementation at a time when this public entity has an insufficiency in the operational budget of about $ 6 million in payroll. [19659008]

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