June 24, 2021

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Players Association rejects MLB proposal to hold 60 games

The Players Association on Monday rejected the latest proposal by Major Leagu Baseball to celebrate a 60-game season in a virtual vote that ended with 33 votes in favor and five against. [19659003] Thus, Commissioner Rob Manfred is anticipated to implement a 54-60 game Major League Baseball campaign that would begin no earlier than July 26.

MLB's 60-game approach included $ 1,480 million in wages, plus a $ 25 million fund for postseason players. The union's proposal included $ 1.73 billion in salary and a fund of $ 50 million.

MLB proposed that the season run from July 19-20 to September 27, the shortest since the 1870s. The union He accepts the start date, but wants it to end on September 30, or sooner with double billboards.

Both sides propose to resume training on June 26, with the pitchers and receivers first, after they were canceled in March due to the crisis by COVID-19 .

But time is running out to meet those dates.

An increase in positive results last week in Florida caused MLB to close the 30 training complexes to be disinfected. The Phillies reported that five of their players were among eight individuals in the organization who tested positive for coronavirus.

On the other hand, the Association issued a statement expressing their reaction.

"The MLBPA Executive Board met several times in the last few days to assess the status of our efforts to resume the 2020 season, "says the statement.

" Earlier this afternoon (Monday), the entire Board reaffirmed the players' desire to return to work as before and with the greatest possible security. To that end, we anticipate finalizing a comprehensive set of health and safety protocols with Major League Baseball in the coming days, and look forward to news from the league on the resumption of spring training camps and a proposed schedule for 2020. ”

"While we hoped to reach a revised return-to-work agreement with the league, the players remain fully committed to proceeding under our current agreement and returning to the field for fans, for the game, and for others." , the communiqué ends.

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