April 23, 2021

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Plaza Las Américas and Plaza del Caribe eliminate the requirement to make an appointment by app to enter

Plaza Las Americas and Plaza Del Caribe today announced the elimination of the reservation requirement to visit the shopping centers and the opening of new access doors as of Friday, July 3.

“It will no longer be necessary to obtain a reservation to visit both malls. After a month from the reopening and monitoring the movement of visitors, we can make this provisional control measure more flexible and, even so, know how many people are inside the shopping center at any time and comply with the requirements of Executive Order 2020-048. We will maintain the requirements for taking temperature, the use of masks, promoting physical distancing, walking in one direction, frequent hand washing or the use of a “hand sanitizer” and labeling as preventive measures to minimize possible infections, “he said. Franklin Domenech, General Manager of Plaza Las Américas.

More than 5,000 only in the first hours

Now visitors to Plaza Las Américas will have new access to the shopping center through the doors located at the entrances of Banco Santander and Qué Pasta on the first level; Eco Exploratorio Museum and Romano’s Macaroni Grill on the second level and the entrance to Casa Norberto Bookstore on the third level. These entrances are added to the entrances already in operation by Banco Popular, FirstBank, Applebee’s, Disney Store, West Elm and La Terraza.

“In Plaza Del Caribe all the access doors will be open for the entrance of visitors. In the case of employees, they will continue to use their access passports for the entrances previously assigned to both Plaza Las Américas and Plaza Del Caribe ”, she indicated. Edwin Tavárez, General Manager of Plaza Del Caribe.

The managers of both shopping centers indicated that according to the new executive order, the capacity of diners allowed in the areas of “foodcourt”, restaurants and stores increased to 75% of their capacity, while the shopping centers will be able to receive a maximum of one person for every 75 square feet at any one time. Likewise, while the health emergency represented by COVID-19 continues, activities in the corridors of both shopping centers continue to be postponed.

In the sixth week after the reopening of Plaza Las Américas and Plaza Del Caribe, more stores are now available for the benefit of consumers with about 200 and 100 stores open, respectively. Effective July 1, the following stores closed at Plaza Las Américas: Bose, Magritte Chocolatier, Atypical Living, and Microsoft. For their part, Playero and Adidas stores closed operations at Plaza Del Caribe.

For more information about Plaza Las Américas and Plaza Del Caribe you can access www.plazalasamericas.com, www.plazadelcaribe.com or call (787) 333-9999, (787)767-5202 or (787) 259-8989.

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