November 25, 2020

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Police alert about fraud modality through social platforms

“In the Police we have trained and trained personnel to handle these fraudulent schemes,” concluded the Chief of Police.

Photo: Cybernews

SAN JUAN– The Commissioner of the Police Bureau, Henry Escalera Rivera, urged citizens on Friday to be cautious to avoid being a victim of scam and fraud through digital platforms.

“During the past months, many people have come to the Police for guidance after being scammed by people who illegally access their social media accounts and ask their contacts to send sums of money to attend to alleged emergencies that are not really happening” said the official in a written communication.

Escalera Rivera explained that this scam is carried out when accessing the “Facebook” or “Messenger” account to request that a new number of the “WhatsApp” mobile messaging system be communicated. In a conversation, they pose as the owner of the account and request money from their contacts, indicating that you are going through an emergency situation. Then, they provide a number to make a transfer through the ATH Móvil system.

“My recommendation to citizens who receive this type of message requesting money is that they do not make any transfer and that they contact the person they understand was the victim of the theft of their account to alert them,” he mentioned.

The official explained that these cases can be reported to the nearest headquarters and / or to the Cyber ​​Crimes Division by calling (787) 793-1234 ext. 2488.

“In the Police we have trained and trained personnel to handle these fraudulent schemes. Some of these schemes are staffed by personnel from the Cyber ​​Crimes Division, where agents are trained and instructed to guide and help prevent these frauds. In these cases, it is exhorted to write down the number from which you were contacted and file a complaint, ”concluded the Chief of Police.

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