June 14, 2021

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Police arrest two in Ponce and a prosecutor releases them

photo: Cybernews

PONCE – Prosecutor Fabiola Rivera determined to release two men after they were placed under arrest by the Police on December 21, according to the Police.

The Uniformed reported that two men were allegedly seized a Taurus pistol, model PT24 / 7 .40 caliber loaded with 15 rounds.

In addition, they were seized 51 ammunition, 2 caliber .40, 2 caliber .38, and 47 caliber 5.56.

They also seized a bag and a container containing marijuana bites, paraphernalia (plastic bags and containers to pack substances) and two motor vehicles. In addition, we were informed that the firearm, after being traced in the system, was listed as stolen from a residence located in the municipality of Sabana Grande.

This work was carried out by agents Elvin Rosado and Radamés Pagán, under the supervision of Sergeant Erhard Vázquez, supervisor of the Criminal Intelligence Division of the Ponce Area CIC.

However, the agents consulted this case with the prosecutor Fabiola Rivera, who determined not to file complaints against those arrested, for which both were released.

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