June 14, 2021

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Police break wall to save dog in Río Piedras

Municipal Police of Trujillo Alto activates checkpoints. – Provided

The events occurred in the University Gardens Urbanization.

By Metro Puerto Rico

Municipal Police of Trujillo Alto activated checkpoints. – Provided

Agents attached to the Rescue Unit of the United Nations Rapid Action Forces (FURA), rescued a dog that was trapped, for which they had to break a wall in events reported at 2:46 am today, Wednesday, at 216 Cornell Street, University Gardens Urbanization, in Río Piedras.

According to preliminary information, agents Carlos Ortiz and José Vidot appeared at the scene to carry out the rescue work of the dog of the plaintiff Olga Otero Santana. According to the complaint, the dog was trapped between the wall on the left side of residence 216 with the right side of residence 214.

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The soldiers reportedly broke the wall to remove the dog and it was removed alive and delivered to its owner.

This complaint was investigated by agent Rosado, assigned to the Río Piedras Precinct, who arrived at the scene and later left, leaving everything in apparent order. .

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