June 14, 2021

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Police bring joy and guidance to residents of Lloréns Torres | Present

As part of the initiatives to promote healthy coexistence and entertainment in the communities, the Puerto Rico Police Bureau, attached to the Department of Public Safety (DSP), carried out a community impact for the residents of the Luis Lloréns Torres housing complex.

“The Community Relations Bureau continues to carry out different activities to promote a healthy, fun environment and positively reinforce our children and youth. This weekend, they will be bringing joy and healthy entertainment to the friends of Lloréns Torres, so that they can share as a family and guide them on different issues important for their safety. I appreciate the participation of the urban music singer, Alwin Vázquez, who has stood out as a leader in the community sharing his life experiences and that I had the honor of meeting personally in this activity “, mentioned the Police Commissioner, Colonel Antonio López Figueroa.

The official explained that the activity has educational dynamics, games, music, the participation of children’s characters and talks about the different preventive programs of the Police Bureau and the Community Security Councils. In addition, orientation is offered so that children and young people are part of the Police Athletic League and become agents of change in their communities, while developing their talents and abilities.

On the other hand, the secretary of the DSP, Alexis Torres, mentioned that other members of the Department participated in the event.

“Our mission is to become an entity that supports the communities of Puerto Rico. Events like this one, in which the Puerto Rico Fire Department Bureau also joins, carrying messages of orientation, seeks to unite our first responders to the communities. Our goal is for children and youth to see our police, firefighters, paramedics and emergency managers as their friends and role models. The purpose of the DSP goes beyond attending emergency situations, we seek to be allies of our people ” , detailed the head of the DSP, who participated in the activity.

Officials reported that the activity will last until Sunday and takes place in the parking lot of the Osvaldo Lassalle Theater and the Boys and Girls Club, located at the intersection of María Isabel and Cundeamor streets.

“We urge all the friends of the Luis Lloréns Torres residence to meet tomorrow Sunday and share with their family, together with their friends from the Police. The event will begin at ten in the morning and will last until the afternoon”, concluded the Police Commissioner, who was present at the activity accompanied by the Fire Commissioner, Javish Collazo.

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