August 1, 2021

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Police Commissioner in quarantine for being with an official who tested positive for COVID-19

SAN JUAN – The Commissioner of the Police Bureau, Henry Escalera Rivera said Thursday that he will remain in quarantine due to being close to an official who tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Today, I was notified that a colleague from my close work team was diagnosed with Covid-19. Although we observe all the recommended prevention measures on a daily basis to avoid contagion, we have activated the corresponding protocol for these cases. Following medical recommendations, I will be working remotely until the stipulated days for the molecular test are met. This same procedure will be followed by the rest of my work team, including civilian personnel who report to my office.

Once we receive negative results and with the approval of health professionals, we will physically rejoin our duties. The associate commissioner, Colonel Reinaldo Bermúdez, as well as the auxiliary commissioners and area commanders will continue to carry out the different work plans established, ”Escalera Rivera said in written statements.

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