August 1, 2021

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Police find an abandoned boat in Quebradillas

Photo: Supplied

BREAKS – Police found an abandoned boat on the shores of Puerto Hermina Beach in the San José neighborhood of Quebradillas at dawn on Monday.

The boat is green and white, approximately 30 feet long, with a Yamaha engine. It has various plastic and edible containers.

No occupants were found in the yola.

Agents Félix González and Osvaldo Nieves, from the Fura de Arecibo Maritime Unit, took charge of the investigation.

On Sunday, a yola in which undocumented people were traveling was occupied in Isabela.

According to data offered to the authorities, the people who were in the yola went into a mountain. A woman was arrested.

The yola was described as 25 feet long, fiberglass, gray in color and with a 60 HP Yamaha engine.

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