January 17, 2021

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Police intervene with two people who dribbled in Añasco

Photo: Supplied

AÑASCO – Two people who were driving at high speed and haggling were surprised at around 10:00 on Saturday night, on the PR-2 highway, Kilometer 142.7 in Añasco, the police confirmed.

When agents Flerin Albino and Gerardo Castillo went to intervene with the drivers and ordered them to stop, one of them ignored it, and arrived at his grandmother’s residence, where he went alone to the marquee and refused to offer personal information. .

The vehicle was removed after consulting with the prosecutor Odemarys De Jesús. Technical Services personnel sealed the car, to open it Tuesday through a Search and Search Warrant.

The other young man was cooperative with the authorities and identified himself, both him and his friend.

One of those intervened was identified as Juan M. Torres, 23, a resident of Añasco, who was driving a 2006 Acura Integra. The other vehicle involved in the race is a 2019 Honda Civic.

Citizens are encouraged to have information to help clarify cases, please call (787) 832-9696, the confidential line of the Police at 787-343-2020, or the BASTA YA smartphone application. .

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