June 13, 2021

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Police operation seizes weapons, hundreds of bullets and drugs in the Luis Llorens Torres residence

The Police occupied this Saturday afternoon in a vehicle in the parking lot of building 111, of the Luis Llorens Torres residential complex, in San Juan, weapons, hundreds of bullets and drugs.

According to the preliminary investigation, a call alerted authorities to a burgundy Infiniti bus with a JCZ-519 license plate, which had been on since January 15, 2021.

When the authorities presented themselves at the site, they found the vehicle locked.

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Agent Santos went to the scene with cannon Tyron, who alerted of criminal material inside the car.

The bus was seized and transported to the Calle Loíza barracks where, after a raid, the agents seized 2 pistols, 14 chargers, 373 ammunition of different calibers, 3 pounds of marijuana and a kilo and a half of cocaine.

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