November 25, 2020

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Police seek to locate Nilda’s ex-partner who received restraining orders in 2018

Lieutenant Ángel Martínez, who investigates the murder in Río Piedras last Friday of Nilda Álvarez Lugo, confirmed to Metro that they are trying to find the whereabouts of the victim’s ex-husband, Ramón Crespo Suazo, who is not sure if he is in Puerto Rico or the United States.

“Ramón Crespo Suazo was given two restraining orders in 2018, the second for having violated the first, because once, in those instances, he came to the Balseiro building, because he knew she lived there,” said Lieutenant Martínez, Director of the San Juan Homicide Division, in conversation with this newspaper.

García recalled that José Ramón Fortuño Candela, Álvarez Lugo’s consensual partner, remains a witness, cooperates in everything and is not a person of interest in this case. However, he said they are looking at the woman’s ex-partner, Crespo Suazo, who “we hope to confirm if he is in Puerto Rico or in the United States.”

As the lieutenant explained, from the interviews conducted in the investigation “it was initially understood that this man was in the United States”, but “the victim’s brother tells us that about a year ago she told him that Ramón Crespo Suazo was in Puerto Rico “.

“We continue to watch videos. She is loved by many people and we continue to receive help. The first day we worked the scene until almost 3:30 a.m. On Saturday we were early analyzing the security videos and I sent for a technician myself, we have videos from Thursday at 9 am to Friday at 9 pm from the only two cameras that have that building, “he said.

“Part of it was analyzed on Saturday, there are many hours. You have to go calmly. Today we will be confirming if Ramón Crespo Suazo is in Puerto Rico or the United States. This could also have been done from within. That is one of the possibilities, if the person He did not enter through the lobby, “Martinez stressed.

A very dear person

Álvarez Lugo, 64 years old, was a woman whom many people loved, beyond the legions of souls that she helped in Río Piedras. This is why his murder is so disconcerting.

“He was a well-loved person in the area. Due to Covid-19, he did not allow any visit other than his consensual partner, not even those who serve in the home they explain it to you. And the scene speaks for itself, “said Lieutenant Martínez.

The “scene” was this: Álvarez Lugo lay dead in apartment # 1088 of the Balseiro Elderly Housing building, an exclusive complex for the elderly, with multiple stab wounds and blunt blows to his face and a piece of clothing around his neck, that caused his death. He defended himself but succumbed to his murderer, in a crime that has dismayed the Rio Piedras community, because Nilda is such a beloved and helpful person within the urban and university circles of the area.

The alert call to the 9-1-1 System was given by his consensual partner, Jose Ramon Fortuño Candela, at about 6:39 pm on Friday, when he met those who had happened upon arrival at the apartment, according to Lieutenant Martínez. He also pointed out that “we have videos from the security cameras of the building and the area, videos even from Thursday, a day before the events were reported.”

For Lieutenant Martínez, this crime was “one with much treachery and premeditation. We do not rule out even that it is from within.”

“This is a building that has front entrances. They don’t have a security guard all the time, only at night, so if a resident leaves, one person can enter at a time, if they open the door. In the videos that we have seen there is an entrance through the left area, which leads to a safety staircase. Also, if a car comes out, the gates open and a pedestrian can enter and can gain access to the emergency stairs, “he added.

As explained by the experienced law enforcement officer, “until now we know that she was not a random victim, we can analyze that this attack was directed at her. It was a 10m floor there are nine floors before and older people who live alone there, what if there were a motive for any robbery could be a victim, but, to go up to a 10th floor? The attack on Nilda was too violent an attack. She was the predetermined victim, “he articulated.

The lieutenant stated that “they did not take anything. The only thing missing is the victim’s cell phone, to see with whom he had communications, but we worked on that with the cell phone company.”

“We don’t rule out anything here,” he argued. “There is even a possibility that this was from within the Balseiro Elderly itself.”

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The officer stressed that the woman defended herself from the attack and that “the murderer must have left bathed in blood.”

“The magnitude of the violence he used … That is, the person used a blunt object, beyond being cuts from a knife. Perhaps a piece of rod, a hammer, a strong object that caused multiple bruising wounds” She pointed out, she was also strangled with two pieces of clothing around her neck, “Martinez said.

“There is a lot of premeditation, when we see the way in which she was murdered. If the person had something against her, it was passion or what, it is not known. The reason we have not established. All of their belongings except the cell phone. So, that day there was also an inspection in Balseiro Elderly of a federal agency, as confirmed by the administrator and an employee. We have conducted at least six interviews so far, “he said.

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