January 20, 2021

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Politicians, singers and organizations criticize the broadcast of the TV program “La Comay”

EFE / Jorge Muñiz / Archive

Puerto Rico – Singers and politicians, as well as women’s organizations have joined their voices since last Friday against the words with which the character / puppet of the television space “La Comay” referred to the daughter of the candidate for governor for the Movement Victoria Ciudadana, Alexandra Lúgaro, in the November 3 elections, to criticize her.

They have been joined by countless users of the networks and the governor of the island, Wanda Vázquez, have criticized and asserted that the image of a minor was “sexualized” seasoned with sexist comments about her.

For today a demonstration of women is expected in front of the Mega TV chain that broadcasts the space.

Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny threatened on Sunday not to allow his music to be played on the stations of the Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) communication group and to absent himself from events they organize if something is not done with the program.

“The ‘La Comay’ program has hurt many people, families, sectors, but playing with the safety and mental health of a girl! For wanting to hurt a woman !! Just for a harmful political agenda !! He did not cross the line, if not he created a new one and did it again! “, Added the singer in his networks.

Residente has retweeted Bad Bunny’s words, while the singer Kany García has assured, on the networks, that what can be expected of a man who hides behind a doll with low political strategies, with hateful speeches and with an excessive, disgusting, disgusting and shameful machismo ”.

García thus refers to the presenter of the space and in charge of giving voice to the puppet, Kobbo Santarrosa.

For his part, Pj Sin Suela indicated, also in his networks, that he must have taken the space from the programming grid a long time ago and criticized the program.

The governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vázquez, indicated yesterday Sunday that when fighting violence against women “girls and adolescents must also be protected” and that the content of the broadcast of the “La Comay” program this Saturday was ” unacceptable when fighting tirelessly against violence against women ”.

“We cannot remain silent, we must denounce and reject all kinds of violence, particularly in the media. No one above the law! ”, He said on his official Twitter account.

The main victim, the candidate for governor Lúgaro, said last night through Facebook that she will defend her daughter “to the last consequences” and indicated that it is very “unfair that by attacking one they go against what one wants the most. Valentina here has nothing to do with it ”.

“As a family we are going to move on, but we are also going to stop this,” he added.

Various political figures on the island such as the candidates for governor Pedro Pierluisi, Juan Dalmau and Carlos Delgado or the mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulín Cruz, among others, have condemned the broadcast.

Already in June of this year the space was accused of mocking the candidate for the Senate in the November general elections Ana Irma Rivera Lassén, president of the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC) and of black race.

Then Lugaro was also criticized by the space and the character “La Comay” through Rivera.

Numerous advertisers withdrew their advertising from the program.

In 2013, the program, which was then called “Super Xclusivo con La Comay”, left another network, Wapa TV, after a boycott that caused the withdrawal of a large part of its advertisers after demonstrations related to the murder of a publicist in the municipality of Caguas.

Santarrosa, the host, returned to television on January 28 with the space but on Mega TV, owned by SBS.

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